Max Metzner - Burnaby Registered Massage Therapist

Max Metzner

Coquitlam Registered Massage Therapist

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  • West Coast College of Massage Therapy


  • RMT

Max is a recent graduate from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy College, having graduated in August 2023. With his recent certification as an RMT, his knowledge is contemporary and current, and he is eager to help you through your pain, tension and discomfort.

With a background playing competitive hockey for over 20 years, Max has gained a greater appreciation for muscular injury, recovery and rehabilitation. Throughout the various strains, sprains, fractures and concussions he acquired through his hockey career, he found relief and recovery through massage therapy. Now, he is eager to provide to others what many RMTs have provided to him in the past.

Beyond his appreciation for the physical relief massage therapy can provide, Max is fascinated by how massage calms the mind, reduces tension, anxiety, and stress. Alongside his knowledge for anatomy and pathology, he incorporates a natural rhythm and flow that soothes and relaxes mind and body to complement his therapeutic approach.

Max tailors his treatments to fit each individual case, condition and client. He is proficient in Swedish Massage, Trigger Point therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques and joint mobilizations. He has an interest in using guided breathing and meditation in his treatments, working indirectly with his patient’s nervous system to facilitate maximum release and relaxation.

Muscle-borne headaches and migraines have deeply interested Max in his education and current practice. Book in with Max if you are experiencing consistent headaches and migraines, and he would be happy to help reduce your symptoms and direct you towards the help and care your body needs.

Max’s approach to massage therapy is guided by the Greek term eudaimonia, which roughly translates to the art of living well, and he is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their optimal body health goals. Max chooses to work in multidisciplinary clinics like Westwood Total Health to ensure that his clients have access to the specific care their body requires, and he would be happy to refer you to the speciality that would facilitate your healing journey.