Children's Chiropractic

Westood Total Health has been offering Coquitlam families children's chiropractic services for two decades. KId's chiropractic adjustments are safe, painless and very beneficial for your child. A well aligned spine and regular checkups for muscle development and joint functioning can ensure your child's physical development is not adapting or compensating for small injuries or spinal subluxations that are caused by a child's typically active lifestyle. With all the climbing, running, jumping, rolling, spinning and generally having fun that kids do everyday they are .

With today's increased use and reliance on mobile phones and tablets, kid's are especially prone to developing neck, shoulder and upper back problems. The industry term associated with the cause of these new physical challenges is called "Text Neck." Text Neck is caused by the increased pressure exerted on your child's neck, shoulders and upper spine from constantly looking down at their electronic device while they interact.

If your child is extremely active and plays sports such as football, soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dance or figure skating, especially if they are doing so competitively, then call our office and talk with one of our chiropractic doctors about and the benefits that regular spinal alignment offers.

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New Patients

If your child is a new patient please download the appropriate form and fill it out before their first appointment.