Westwood Health Events

At Westwood Total Health your well being is important to us. We pride ourselves on providing patients with quality care and education to assist you in achieving total body health.

Dinner with the Doc

February 20, 2017

We are having another party! Our community dinner or “Dinner with the Doc” is a fun event our office organizes every eight weeks to get our message of health and wellness out to Tri-Cities’ residents.

We take our patients and their guests out for dinner to Milestones Grill + Bar in Coquitlam where we get to enjoy amazing food and great company. We talk about all the good things we are doing to promote total body health and invite all guests in to our clinic for a spine and nerve system check up.

Cancer Prevention Workshop

April 6, 2017

Do you think you’re cancer-free right now? Cancer grows for 9 years or longer and has 9 billion cells before it’s detected by a medical test or a symptom.

This informative workshop gets to the root of the disease. We focus on what causes cancer, reversing the build-up of cancer agents and getting your body functioning at optimal health.

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