Orthotic Therapy

What is Orthotic Theapy?

Did you know poor foot alignment can often be the cause of other aches and pains you feel from your neck all the way down to your toes, including neck pain, back pain and knee pain? Even if you never experience foot pain, the misalignment of your feet may have a larger impact on your body than you realize.

Foot pain, caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and heel pain occur when your feet are misaligned. These conditions can also put extra pressure on your spine, causing spinal misalignment (subluxation). 

Orthotic therapy is a way to improve conditions your body may have developed from improper foot alignment. Orthotics look like shoe insoles but are custom fit to correct pressure points and properly align your feet, keeping your back, hips, knees and spine in the correct position.

GaitScan Technology

At Westwood Total Health, we use The Orthotic Group GaitScan™ technology, an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device allowing us to analyze your biomechanics and detect misalignments in your feet. With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, GaitScan™ is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities.

Orthotic GaitScan in Coquitlam

Is Orthotic Therapy Right For Me?

We offer a range of orthotics for all types of footwear and orthopedic shoes for any occasion. Talk to us today about how we can get you back on your feet, pain free.

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