Holiday BoundariesImage
Setting Healthy Boundaries This Holiday Season
Explore mindfulness this holiday season by setting boundaries for mental wellness. Acknowledge personal needs and communicate them clearly. Manage expectations and respect your limits to navigate holiday stressors, ensuring a joyful and mindful celebration.
Life's Roller-CoasterImage
Ever Thought About Therapy?
Explore the unspoken motivations for starting therapy, from needing extra support for life’s challenges to self-exploration and the influence of caring suggestions. Discover how therapy offers a path to personal growth, emotional resilience, and deeper self-awareness, crucial for navigating life’s complexities and enhancing mental well-being.
Conceptual Image of Woman - Mind Body HealingImage
Understanding the Magic of the Psychosomatic Approach to Wellness
Dive deeper into the mind-body connection with the psychosomatic approach at Westwood Total Health. Inspired by Dr. Gabor Maté, discover how emotions influence physical health. Unlock holistic healing for a balanced life.
Be Present to Reduce StressImage
Mindfulness: Be Present, and De-Stress
Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, and being present results in you being able to destress. Try mindfulness and see the results.
car crash anxiety counsellingImage
Car Accident? Ways to Help You Recover.
An MVA can really impact your health and wellness, beyond physical pain, a lot of people suffer anxiety and other conditions when it comes to getting back to driving.
Concussion MRIImage
Counselling and Concussions
Concussions are considered mild traumatic brain injuries that can have a devastating psychological impact. Find out how counselling can help heal the psychological aspects.
Common Barriers to Self-Compassion & How to Overcome Them
Self-Compassion means a variety of things to each individual. Read up on what stop some people from exploring and practicing it more often.
Why Should You Try Some Mindfulness?
Mindfulness has become this “hip” term in our popular culture, especially when it comes to self-help.
Common Signs of AnxietyImage
Common Signs of Anxiety
Anxiety is a natural, normal part of life that many people are able to manage and tolerate. When anxiety becomes a regular problem it is something that needs to be addressed.