Workplace Seminars

Tri-Cities Corporate Health & Wellness

At Westwood Total Health, we’re known in the Tri-Cities community for our workshops about health and wellness.

We offer complimentary Health Programs for groups, organizations and companies to help maintain good health while increasing productivity and reducing sick days.

With our complimentary Lunch and Learn Workshops and Health Screening Program, you can easily help others gain dynamic energy by providing these information sessions.

Lunch & Learn Workshops

We'll provide the lunch

Choose from:

  • Advanced Nutrition – Eat Well. Be Well.
  • Stress
  • Posture Perfect for Life
  • Headaches
  • Women’s Health
  • Building a Titanium Immune System
Health Screening
Our health screening allows your employees to get an accurate reading of the amount of stress on their nervous system. Our technology to accurately measure posture and alignment is mobile and can be brought to your workplace. This is a great tool to identify underlying postural issues, irritated nerves and the potential cause of pain and symptoms. This technology allows for a quick and precise health screening that is pain-free, safe and informative.
Coquitlam Wellness Seminar - Westwood Total Health

Our Employee Health Programs are informative, interactive and fun. We can also create a workshop that meets your needs specifically. If you would like to help your employees maintain good health while increasing productivity and reducing sick days, contact us today to schedule a workshop and a health screening at your workplace.

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