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7 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Workout Routine and Gear
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Burst Fitness – A Little Goes a Long Way
There is a lot of evidence pointing to the health benefits of ‘burst fitness’, and incorporating it into your routine makes a lot of sense.
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Stand More and Sit Less
Every day, millions of people wake up in the morning, hop in their car and drive to work. Once at work they sit through their work day, and most of their breaks, before getting back into their car and driving home in the evening. Once at home, they prepare dinner, watch some TV and go to bed. This happens five or more days a week, and even on weekends and holidays. This modern lifestyle doesn’t leave much room for physical activity at all. According to Statistics Canada, the average person walks less than half an hour per day – that
The Top 10 Detox Foods & why you should be eating them.
What we put into our mouths on a daily basis is what matters most for both weight loss and overall health.