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How to Set New Year Goals
Ah, it’s the time of year when many of your will be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few ways to improve the odds of achieving them.
10 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress
Stress levels go up during the holidays so it’s no wonder that we often can feel overwhelmed. Here are 10 ways for you to reduce holiday stress.
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Do You Have Pre- or Postpartum Anxiety?
Postpartum anxiety or perinatal anxiety is as common as postnatal depression and some people can have both postpartum depression and anxiety at the same time.
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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that arrives with the change in seasons, usually winter. It affects about 2-6 of the population in Canada.
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The Benefits of Good Posture
Do you remember your mother telling you to sit up straight when you were young? Turns out she was giving you good advice. Good posture gives you more energy and makes you healthier. It helps you look better and prevents pain.
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Is Your Phone Causing You Text Neck?
The use of devices is affecting people’s posture. You can often see many people looking down at their phone as they stand in line, sit in a cafe or take transit. Could it be causing spine arthritis?
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Chiropractic Care for Children
Kids today are active, busy people involved in a wide variety of activities. Add in the use of mobile devices and multiple sports and all of these activities could be combining for posture-related problems on their growing bodies.
The Top 7 Strategies to Avoid Knee Pain
With the weather in Coquitlam getting nicer, people are moving back outside to enjoy the sunny days and get more physically active. Before you go all out getting back into shape for the summer months, you need to prepare your body – and especially your knees – to avoid knee pain and knee injury. Harvard Health Publishing states, “Your knees absorb a huge amount of pressure with every step – typically one-and-a-half times your body weight. That pressure, plus regular wear and tear, takes a toll over time. Muscles and ligaments get weaker. The knee’s two shock absorbers – pads
6 Benefits of Buying Locally Grown Food
The local food movement has been on the rise for a while and it makes sense to get on board with this fantastic trend! The environmental benefits and health benefits alone from what you’ll get buying locally are undeniable.